Relationship Coaching

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You can have what you want and deserve in relationship

Attracting the right person

So How can you tell the real thing from the BS? How does anyone learn to be quick and super effective in discerning who is truly wanting and capable of love and commitment, and who is playing at it?
We’ve all met people who seem to portray real interest in us. They’re engaging, appear to be caring and compassionate listeners, and desiring real connection. Sometimes they actually are. Some are not.  If you have experienced this common conundrum, this coaching program is for you

  • Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t inspire you
  • Don’t miss out on a good one or fall for the wrong one
  • Identify patterns of dating and picking partners

“Be the flame, not the moth”.  This was a quote by the one and only Casanova.  He was famous for being a great lover, and he was definitely right about being the flame that attracts others.  His strategy was to do and be amazingly desirable as a possible lover.  With the right skills and mindset, we can all draw in what we most need and desire.  Everyone wants to be in love, and this coaching program teaches the skills necessary to get and keep it.

Get it hot, keep it hot

  • Get the passion and intimacy all want and deserve
  • Top 5 needs and how to be the best at getting them met
  • Fall in love again, for real!

Communication is everything

Its super unattractive when a partner is justifying selfishness or uncaring about someone else’s feelings and needs. Everyone needs and deserves to be heard. Feelings and perspectives should and can be validated, even when they differ widely.

Be aware though, this does not mean we have to agree with other people’s positions, and it doesn’t mean that other people have to agree with our views. We may legitimately disagree. Different perspectives need not mean we have to leave or demand our own way. But giving our energy to hear and knowing that we are heard creates a space for relationships to grow. Caring is the water and sunlight for relationships. Empathizing with and validating other people’s perspectives in love are powerful tools that must be learned to maintain healthy, long-term relationships. If we are to be effective in love, we must learn to hear feedback and understand our impact on others.

  • Learn how to discuss truly tough stuff in calm and productive ways
  • Replace conflict with intimacy, connection and passion
  • Learn how to hear each other, identify “Exits” and stay connected
  • Success or failure rest not what you fight about, but HOW you fight

Rescuing a relationship

Trust, passion, connection and repair are possible.  Sometimes relationships become so toxic, hurtful and disconnected they seem beyond salvaging.  Damage can take many forms.  Dishonesty, broken trust, unmet needs, bad communication, dysfunction and extreme disrespect are common threats to any relationship.  In most situations, success is still possible.  Not every relationship SHOULD be salvaged, though.  Either way, this program guarantees discernment and safe passage to a better place.

  • Program for couples in need of immediate help
  • Address a combination of challenging issues
  • Step by step process for undoing damage and regaining trust
  • Regain the promise of all that is possible in your relationship