One delineation of priority, particularly as it pertains to getting results in life and in relationships, is ‘where you spend your time, where you spend your thoughts, and where you spend your money’.  

Every day we see people putting their time, effort, money, thought, energy and intentionality into the things that mean the most to them.  When something is important to us, we WILL make it part of our daily routine.  Working out and furthering our careers both take daily time, effort, and focus.  Hobbies such as video games, social media, TV, cooking, playing golf or other sports many times take up consistent time in our weekly or daily schedules.  This being said, if we are wanting better results, we must choose better efforts.  It requires dedication, willpower, discipline and making healthy decisions.  It requires sacrifice and sometimes it requires pushing yourself.  Ask yourself now, are you willing?  There may be tendencies to feel hopeless, or even to want to give up, but we know that when you reach your goal it will be totally worth it.  Some of the objections that keep us from exercising are the same exact habits of mind we use to avoid working on our relationship, namely, ‘I can’t’, ‘it won’t work’, ‘I already tried’ , ‘I’m too busy’, ‘but my partner doesn’t…’ and so on.

I invite you today to lean into the possibilities.  Motivation is what gets you started, but the habit is what makes the magic happen!   No more limiting beliefs, no more sitting and wishing for more, and no more waiting for someone else to make the change. No more hoping for more intimacy, connection, and fulfillment in relationship.  Hope is not a strategy that will get your needs met in a relationship, so stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will’. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. Will it be worth it? Completely!