Are your needs going unmet?  Has your relationship become difficult?  

A huge part of getting any relationship back on track is to assess and address how well it is meeting the needs of the two parties involved.  Both honesty and communication skills are particularly essential here.  

Many times needs are not clearly articulated, or at least not clearly understood, by either or by both.  Because of this, intentional and clear communication must be employed before any conclusion can be reached that a relationship will or will not work.  Do not give up on a potentially good thing before you know with certainty that you have been clear, heard, and understood about what you need and what you are asking for.  So often we, or our partners, can feel uncertain about what we need or about how what we are asking and needing from them is being prioritized. 

Real Relationship Goals will help you through the all too important process of identifying your deepest needs and the ways in which your partner can best meet them. To start, we begin with a statistical list of the most common needs for men and for women, as they are typically not the same.   Then we make it your own; personalize it to you and to yours specifically and completely.  

Lastly, we prioritize by answering questions such as ‘what makes you the happiest and most fulfilled?’, and ‘if you had to choose the one thing you most need, what would be the most important?’  and so on, down through the list until each one is ranked.  By focusing on one need at a time, this process prevents either party from becoming overwhelmed and invites success.