How honest should you be?  

It seems like an obvious question as we all know that accurate information is essential to a healthy relationship. Intimacy and fulfillment of needs rely on honesty almost entirely and avoiding betrayals and building trust requires abject honesty as well.  

There are several specific areas of honesty, namely; emotional, historical, current and future honesty. Real Relationship Goals skills teach each of these individually and thoroughly in order to provide complete understanding, particularly in those areas that you or your partner may be weaker than others. Some people are strong in being abjectly honest, but may not be loving and kind in communicating it.  

In this way, lots of damage is done in the name of honesty where love and compassion are not the overriding priority.  Similarly, as everyone has their strengths, many people are loving and honest in one or two areas of honesty, but not all four, at least not with consistency.  Others are kind to a fault; sometimes failing to communicate their actual thoughts and feelings until they blindside you with ‘this is over, we are done’, leaving you to wonder what it is that you missed.  There are some people who will lie about even trivial facts and experiences; and some who may not even know the difference. 

Real Relationship Goals’ mission is to teach you how to speak your truth with love and conviction, to stand up for yourself with kindness, and to be able to tell the difference between someone capable of learning honest compassionate communication and someone who is either unwilling or unable to do so.