Money in relationship can result in breakups or more intimacy.  Why is that? 

Money is a really reliable barometer of health in relationship.  That’s because it is a reflection of trust and partnership.  Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to finances?  Is transparency a value you share?  Is there agreement and alignment in your goals?  How well does that translate to everyday decisions about spending, saving and investing?

Debts, assets, income, and expenses all need to be addressed and agreed upon by both parties.  These things especially can cause a LOT of fights, but an agreement is possible and can also be vital.

Not delaying a purchase until there is a mutual agreement can very easily ruin relationships.  The general rule of thumb is one ‘no’ or two ‘yeses’’ before the money is spent. To clarify:  if one partner disagrees and there is not a clear ‘yes’ from both sides, the purchase is an unsafe and potential cause for conflict. In cases where the rule is not followed, one partner may gain at the expense of the other’s priorities and needs.  

Spending beyond your means always ends in disaster.  Sometimes, we even create a hole that seems too big to dig out from, which very quickly becomes overwhelming.  We all know we SHOULD have a plan and be saving for retirement and other predictable priorities such as health expenditures and repairs to our home and vehicles.  Many relationships have a dynamic with one person as more of a “spender” and the other more of a “spendthrift”.  It is essential, and entirely possible, to get on the same page!  Agreeing on a budget together is the same as having a wise, healthy and happy spending/savings plan.  Sticking to it as much as possible will create a partnership and reverse/prevent resentment, disrespect and mistrust.

Don’t let finances take a toll on your relationship.  Instead, make them a true strength of your life and partnership.  It’s a dream that can easily  become a reality, so take control today!