Will Real Relationship Goals be able to tell me whether I should stay or move on?

Absolutely!  These tools, when properly applied, will bring clarity to this most important question.  You don’t truly know if a situation is hopeless or not until you have learned these skills and tools.

What access do I have to ask questions and get coaching in between appointments?

You can email 24/7, we will respond to each and every email to coach you in between appointments.

I have good reason to believe my partner cannot change. I believe I’m wasting my time. Why should I try the Real Relationship Goals program?

It is natural and wise to doubt the viability of a relationship that hasn’t been going well.  The question is, have you done everything YOU can do to fix it?  We can’t change our partners or control the outcome of our relationships.  But we can change our input and our impact, which has the ability to change the environment and outcomes.

Why should I give so much when my partner does not, has not?

Today, tomorrow, this week will pass.  At the end of the day/week/month, what will the cumulative impact of your moment to moment choices be?   You can choose to LEAD, to be the Bigger Better Deal, or you can choose to follow.  Who’s lead are you going to embrace?  If you follow and it leads someplace unremarkable, uninspired, or unfulfilling, who will you blame?  NO EXCUSES.  This is your daily exercise…to bring noticeable impact into your relationship, your space, your home.  This is YOUR chance to be extraordinary.

Can a relationship be saved after issues with infidelity?

Yes, and it depends on the motivation of each of the partners.  Infidelity can be devastating to a relationship, but it doesn’t always have to end it.  There are instances when good things can emerge, and we’ve seen it happen many times.  It takes effort and willingness to learn how to listen and understand our partners in ways that we haven’t prior to the infidelity.

Can trust be regained after infidelity?

Yes, and the tools and skills we teach can begin building the trust and intimacy that are lost when deception – by commission or omission or both – has been happening.

Is this relationship worth saving?

We love this question!  Our clients have experienced so much relief from the pain of ambivalence – should I stay or should I go?   We hear this struggle so much!  There is often great cost to leaving a relationship – but what about the cost of staying?  As you learn and apply the tools and skills, the viability of your current relationship will become clear.  You will be able to discern if the intimacy, connectedness and passion you hoped for in the beginning.

How long does it take to repair a relationship that has been neglected or damaged?

The good news is the same as the bad news on this one – it’s all up to you.  If you want to see results immediately, that is definitely possible!  Just like exercising, your results will be dictated by your efforts.

We have money problems. Is there any discount available? 

Yes, we do offer a sliding scale for those in need.  Because money and relationship problems often occur simultaneously, we offer expert financial coaching and relief from financial strain and stress that is so common.

How did Real Relationship Goals start

I was in a difficult and abusive relationship.  AND..I knew that there was more than I could do.  At first, I was quick to point to my partner’s many and egregious faults.  But I also knew, somewhere deep down, that I hadn’t learned and sacrificed all that I was capable of, so I had not yet earned the right to leave the relationship.  If we leave a difficult relationship without having learned what we need to communicate and love healthily and with true abundance, we simply take our limitations into the next relationship and experience a similar pattern with a slightly better, but still incapable future partner.  And end up with a slightly better, but similar lack of fulfillment, connection, and passion.