Choose Wisely

What is your sorting strategy when it comes to picking a partner? 

If you’re not getting the results you want in a relationship, examining your process of sorting who you choose to engage with is the key to unlocking success. 

It’s a common conundrum.  We connect with someone and they appear to be a good match.  We may know and speak clearly about our values, needs and wants.  Our potential partner feels the same.  They check the boxes.  They say and do the right things.

Then things go awry.  Our potential partner acts in a way that is very in-congruent with what they have previously said and done.

Equanimity is a powerful tool to employ in this space.  We want things to be as we had hoped.  Reality is often different, though.  Wisdom dictates we stay open to that fact.

 Equanimity is the wisdom we need.  It’s a profound quality of mind that cultivates the ability to let go.  With equanimity, we can accept things just as they are; things that we do not control, like outcomes or people, despite wishing very much that they were different.   Within this mindset of non-reactivity, we learn to shift the communication dynamic and to employ the reflective listening tools taught in Real Relationship Goals.  THAT is where the real changes, and the magic, begin to occur.

Don’t get caught disappointed.  Learn the skills to get the outcome you really want.