85% of Relationships End in Breakups

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85% of Relationships End in Breakups


The rain will come. 85% of Relationships End in Breakup

According to recent studies, approximately 85% of relationships end in a breakup.

There are several common reasons for this, including infidelity or lack of honesty/trust, inability to resolve recurring fights, lack of passion and intimacy, financial issues, unmet expectations, addiction, etc. Any of these common issues can lead to an unexpected or unwanted breakup.

The root of these points of destruction is disconnect.

For example, a complete disconnect can occur all at once in a moment of betrayal.  This is what happens with bad behavior; infidelity, dishonesty, addiction, and irresponsible unilateral financial decisions fall into this category. Immediate disconnect is the result because the agreement is broken (even implicit or unspoken agreements). Only if you have outstanding communication and relationship skills and apply them with urgency can you avoid potentially irreversible damage.

In other cases where there is no big or easily identifiable ‘event’, disconnect and, eventually, disrespect are common in long term relationships.  But, why?  Why are the odds so high for breakup even for these seemingly good relationships if both partners are making good choices, and are reasonable people?

Unless you have exceptionally good conflict resolution skills, any recurring fight that goes unresolved will eventually cause distance.  No matter how much love is there, that disconnect doesn’t magically go away; it only gets worse.  From there resentment sets in, and indifference follows. Breakup is inevitable.

Recurring Fights

What is your plan for effectively resolving a recurring fight?  This is a telltale sign of impending breakup.  I commonly run into clients who believe that if they just find the right person, their relationship problems would be solved.  Have you learned the skills necessary to guarantee success in relationship?  Can you discern if your partner can learn and change?  Can you?

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